how  it  works :
Therapy Sessions & Fees

how  it  works :
Therapy Sessions & Fees

When you and/or your significant others have decided that Systemic Psychotherapy could be useful with me, please contact me directly.

You can do this by email and my availability for Friday assessment sessions will be forwarded to you. Please email me your preferred date and time from the availability offered and I will confirm within 24 hours (unless otherwise stated). If you have any concerns or questions regarding the initial assessment session that are not answered on my website then please do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone, 07908829550/01245 423005 (you may need to leave a voicemail). A 10 -minute telephone consultation can also be requested and arranged via email to help you decide to book an assessment session, or not. You may also find the Association of Family Therapy (AFT) website helpful and informative for any decision making. 

What are the Limits of Systemic & Family Psychotherapy?

All qualified and registered therapists follow a code of conduct that prioritises the safety of our clients and children. What this really means is if a significant risk of harm to self or others is identified at any time then I have a duty of care to openly discuss this with you and advise on the best way forward.

This may include discussing the risk and concern with other family members, professionals and/or services. However it is more likely to include guidance and assistance in therapy to reduce the risk and concern identified. In summary, confidentiality will be maintained if it is considered safe to do so. This is often referred to as 'The Limits of Confidentiality'.

Comfortable Therapy Room in Writtle, Essex

My independent clinical practice is at 40 Paradise Road, Writtle, Chelmsford, CM1 3HP.

The therapy room can comfortably accommodate up to four individuals, if more people wish to join I suggest we discuss this at an initial assessment (with no more than four people attending). The therapy room is available for sessions and consultations on Fridays. 

If you need a walk before or after the session, Writtle is a beautiful village only three miles out of Chelmsford town. It offers tearooms, pubs and local shops for residents and visitors to the village. Also Hylands Park is located at the end of Paradise Road, or can be accessed via car off the A414.

Comfortable Therapy Room in Writtle, Essex

Cost of Sessions

An initial therapy assessment session (between 1 to 4 individuals) 60-90 minutes is £100. However if you then book treatment session(s) this will be reduced to £70.

Concessions are available for low income families (up to 50% reduced rate).

I offer a free 10 minute initial telephone (or email) consultation if you have any specific concerns or questions not answered here. 

Treatment therapy sessions are priced as follows:

  • For 1 to 2 individuals
  • Single therapy session (60 minutes) - £70
  • Course of 3 therapy sessions - £200
  • Course of 6 therapy sessions - £380
  • Enquire
  • For more than 2 individuals
  • Single therapy session (90 minutes) - £80
  • Course of 3 therapy sessions - £230
  • Course of 6 therapy sessions - £440
  • Enquire
  • Clinical Supervision & Consultation fees
  • Professional Clinical Supervision consultation/session (individuals only) 60 minutes - £70
  • Consultation for a small working team/system (for 2 to 4 individuals) 90 minutes - £80
  • Enquire

Some concessions are available for therapy sessions - please contact me to discuss these


I prefer bank transfer for all payments and must be paid at least 24 hours before the session date, consultation or the first session of a booked course (see below for details).

Any video-call and telephone sessions are to be paid by bank transfer at least 24hrs before the session.

If you are seeking assessment and treatment via your health insurance please ensure you have confirmed eligibility and received authorisation information before booking.

Payment details will be provided via email, or phone, upon confirmation of the initial assessment or consultation. 

Please note, if paying by cash, the session will need to be paid in full on arrival of the session date and time. 

The Small Print

If for any reason a session does not end on time an additional cost may be charged.

If for any reason a session ends prior to the allotted time money can not be refunded.

If a course has been paid for in full and is not completed for any reason 50% of the monies can be refunded for the sessions not yet attended.

If there is failure to attend an arranged session with less then 24 hrs notice 50% will be charged.

If an arranged session is cancelled with more than 24 hrs notice no charge will be made.

If I, the therapist, need to cancel at any time no charge will be made.

Any cancellations are to be made via phone and/or email.

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