5 Good Reasons to Come to Therapy Together

I often hear people assume that therapy is a private personal one to one conversation with a therapist. Of course, there are many reasons why and how individual therapy can to be helpful to many individuals. As a Systemic therapist, I encourage you to consider what change or what more can be gained and achieved by coming to therapy with people who are connected, affected or concerned about you or your problem.

It is a common mistake to think that coming to therapy together is only necessary if it is the relationship that needs help. Most people would know that coming to therapy with your significant other can be exactly what the relationship problem needs. However, coming to therapy together with loved ones can also be an opportunity for change with so many other problems.

I have personally and professionally experienced how problems can be changed with people that are in close, supportive and trusting relationships too.  Different understandings, meanings, beliefs and experiences can inform and organise a problem that can also challenge its very existence.

Here I provide 5 other good reasons to come to therapy together.

  1. You have a problem that is starting to affect those you love and this is becoming harder to manage or beginning to add to the problem.
  2. There are different views between family members about what the problem is and what change is needed.
  3. You’ve tried individual therapy with little or no change established.
  4. Your own ideas and solutions have only gained minimal or short-lived change.
  5. You and your family want to discover and learn ways how to be more helpful to a loved one struggling with a problem.
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